Applying Core Technology Strategies

Please be sure to consult with your partner each week to discuss these assignments. I will want to know what you have learned from that discussion. In hypermedia, there are so many directions one can go that a second perspective is essential to see all the possibilities. This kind of collaboration will be of great assistance and a good preparation for the time one begins to work cooperatively on a larger team partnership on the PROJECT.

For the week of:

August 25-31 - Crossword Puzzle Engines
September 1-7 -Word Scrambles
September 8-14 - Word Search Puzzles
September 9-21 - Jeopardy-type reviews

September 22-28 - Hollywood Squares

September 29-October 5 PRC National Day Golden Week Holiday

October 6-12 - Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
October13-19 - Quick-Study_Games
October 20-26 -

October 27-November 2 - PROJECT
November 3-9 - PROJECT

November 10-16 - PROJECT
November 17-23 - PROJECT
November 24-30 - PROJECT

December 1-7 - PROJECT

December 8-14 - Final