Although the text goes on to discuss color, now it is type to consider type faces. Please prepare and post a trifold brochure, using appropriate images and text, with particular attention to the use of typefaces. You will need to comment briefly on the use of images, but at length on your selection and use of typefaces. At a minimum, you will need a basic text font, a titling font, and an emphasis font. Your topic is up to you, but I suggest developing the brochure on an educational topic. Perhaps, you might do a brochure advertising a conference on educational philosophy/theories. Another topic would be fine, as long as it has a connection to education/teaching. If you have access to Microsoft Word, a document in that format would be fine. I suggest that your final copy to submit for my review should be printed to a pdf format. That fixes the font types. Otherwise, the fonts may change if a file is downloaded to another computer.