CLASS reviews and responds to the work your classmates have done, in a class discussion of your multimedia texts. Since you will be commenting on what others have written each week for CHAT and ACTS entries, NICE will have to be done Thursday or Friday (or over the weekend). Overall, the tone of the discussion is expected to be positive and encouraging. While it is OK to raise a question about someone else's post, it must not be done in a derogatory manner.

August 25-31

September 1-7
September 8-14
September 9-21
September 22-28

September 29-October 5 PRC National Day Golden Week Holiday

October 6-12

October 20-26
October 27-November 2

Graduate students are expected typically to function at Above average and Excellent levels, although an occasional lapse to Average sometimes happens, with minimal consequences - as long as it is rare.
Above Average
Ideas are brought together, with appropriate attribution, from several classmate's Ning entries of the week to advance (a) new perspective(s) or new idea(s), from the perspective of the student writing the NICE Ning.
Comments are made on several classmate's entries. There is no attempt, however, to find a common thread or to bring these ideas together in a new way.
Relevant and pertinent comments are made on at least one classmate's entries entries for the week.
Platitudes, unclear points and references,undeveloped
ideas. Or, if comments are made they are not positive and constructive.
No blog entry for NICE in a week when it is expected.