Crossword Puzzle Makers
Sample a variety of these, choose two that make interesting crosswords. Tell how they differ, how they are alike, and why you like these and chose them to discuss. Please submit examples of your work.

Discovery Education, Criss Cross Setup __

The Teacher's Corner __

Armored Penguin __

Crossword Puzzle Games __

A to Z Teacher Stuff __

Ed Helper __

AB Cya __

Read Write Think __

Variety Games __

Puzzle Fast __

Super Crossword Creator __ - although this one allows a free trial, ultimately it is not free.

Crossword Labs __

Eclipse Crossword __

CNet Crossword Puzzle Maker __

Tools for Educators __

Crossword Weaver __

Crossword Compiler __

Pro Profs __

Sol Robots, Crossword Forge __ - not free - trial?