The Documentary Project end product is an 8"x10" four page booklet that has a half page (7" wide x 4" tall) introduction and a half page (7" wide x 4" tall) conclusion. In between, 6 master panels should be prepared (7" wide x 4" tall), although any of these panels may be further divided in two as 3.5" wide x 4" tall sub panels. Use the "Building Blocks of Design" and "Power Principles" as presented in the chapters in each of those sections of your text. From your most recent reading, you should be prepared to practice the design ideas in chapters 12-14, "Show Them Where to Look," "Add Some Excitement," and "Enhance Meaning."

Post these panels, along with the borderless Introduction and conclusion to your blog. I will investigate getting them printed as a single fold 4 page booklet.